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Client Testimonials About Our Physical Therapy Clinic in Lakewood, CO

Laurie H.

Trish was recommended to me by a friend, when I was struggling with knee, hip, back and shoulder pain. I went to Trish before my knee replacement and I had a totally different experience. I was in pain and I shared with Trish how I am one who does not like to take pain medications. Unlike my previous experience with a PT, Trish gave me hope. Her goal was to not only prepare me for my future surgery, but also to help reduce and eliminate as much pain as possible. She used various methods, including dry needling, then stimulating those muscles to get blood flowing to the area. With Trish’s help and guidance my recovery went better than expected. Trish has helped relieve the pains of back spasms, shoulder stiffness and other join pain due to arthritis. Trish has been a blessing in my life offering me better quality to my life!  

Scott C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Trish McNutt’s on/off for a few years following my hip surgery and various back and hip pain episodes. I am very pleased with the excellent care that I have received. This care includes professionalism, compassion, competence and kindness. Because of this, I have recommended my family and friends to see Dr. Trish and I will continue to recommend people to her. I could not more strongly recommend her.

Patty C.

Trish McNutt’s in depth knowledge and extensive training, including staying current with the latest physical therapy treatment practices, gives me great confidence that I am receiving the best care possible. I appreciate that she evaluates the problem at hand with fresh eyes, listens carefully to me, and develops a treatment plan tailored specific to my needs and concerns. Trish is thoughtful, respectful and puts me at ease right away. Her dedication, encouragement and natural healing instinct make a significant difference in the outcome of the physical therapy treatment process.

Thank you Trish! 

Dianne C.

Trish McNutt has been my go-to Physical Therapist for many years as I have had a variety of medical issues, including shoulder and knee replacements, which have required an array of physical therapy sessions.  She has been a true gift and the one catalyst that has given me the tools to allow for a healthy and functioning body. Trish’s knowledge base and skills are exceptional, and she is extremely diligent about staying current and updated in the vast field of P.T. treatment. I am grateful that her approach to recovery is so personalized and that she is so insightful about providing the best techniques to use based on me as a ‘whole individual.’ At each of our sessions, she listens attentively to my concerns and takes time to field questions.  But, what is amazing is that Trish can intuitively assess my needs and advocates to provide the most professional care possible. Trish has guided me physically and emotionally to optimum health. It is wonderful and comforting to have a medical caregiver who professionally and genuinely cares about each of her clients.  Trish’s enthusiasm has fueled my desire to work harder at recovery and at maintaining a healthy status. In a word, Trish is ‘awesome!’

Kathryn B.

My Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. T, came in and said he couldn’t believe I was walking without a walker and didn’t even have a limp, saying I was way over his curve of expectations at 7 weeks out. He released me from PT and cleared me to do everything: yoga, biking, and hiking. So I am listening to my knee and moving forward now with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. It wouldn’t have happened without you. My knee feels strong, I know it’s going to be fine now. I wasn’t sure a year ago what was going to happen to me. The expertise and compassion you showed me will never be forgotten. You showed me how to support my body to keep it  as strong as possible until I had the surgery. Thank you for all your emotional support! And I am happy to say now, my story has a happy ending.

Conny S.

I have known Trish McNutt for over 4 years and during that time she has been able to help me tremendously with so many things. I had various issues that  occurred throughout those years--first a shoulder problem, then knees, then a back problem-- and she has always "saved me" during those times making me feel so much better.  She is truly a blessing to all those who are in pain and need her expertise! In addition, Trish is an incredibly kind, caring, and compassionate person who goes out of her way to help others. I cannot recommend her enough!!!

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