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Everything you need to know about The Recovery Joint in Lakewood, Colorado


The Recovery Joint in Lakewood, CO


All of our Physical Therapy services are provided through a Self-Pay model, allowing us to provide client-centered care. This means you can directly schedule an appointment with Trish without a referral from your doctor. Book an appointment to see pricing details for each appointment type.


  • When will I see results?
    Every injury and body type is different. Whether it’s Physical Therapy or Personal Training, let us know your goals up front so we can set realistic timelines and start working towards them from the beginning.
  • What is Self-Pay?
    Historically, physical therapy services have been driven by insurance companies and impacted the quality of care patients receive. With self-pay, you pay for the appointment out of pocket and do not need a doctor referral. This allows you to book immediate appointments with our Physical Therapist and get more 1:1 time with them and higher quality of care during the appointment.
  • Do I need a Doctor referral to schedule a Physical Therapy appointment?
    No. Because the state of Colorado allows for direct access to Physical Therapy and we operate using a self-pay model, you do not need a doctor referral. This allows for immediate care and anyone can book a Physical Therapy appointment at The Recovery Joint with our Doctor of Physical Therapy.

“I have been a patient at The Recovery Joint for a few years following my hip surgery and various back and hip pain episodes. I am very pleased with the excellent care that I have received. I could not more strongly recommend them."


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