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Get Your Body In To The Shop

Happy New Year! What a crazy year we had in 2020. It took its toll in many ways, and your body may have been one of the casualties!

Every year you routinely schedule your annual doctor physical, dental hygiene visits, and eye checks, right? But did you ever stop to think that your musculoskeletal system (your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves) requires the same attention?

As you head into the year, you’ll probably take your car into the shop and ask your trusted auto mechanic to look under the hood to assess what needs maintenance or repair. You’re likely to schedule a periodic oil change, rotate your tires, or finally get that irritating dent fixed.

Over time you’ll probably own several cars, but you’ve only got one precious body to last your lifetime! A physical therapist is the musculoskeletal system expert who helps you keep your body running smoothly.

This year, make it your resolution to make an appointment with me to start a new fitness regimen or tune up and raise the bar on your fitness goals. Getting stronger and more fit will also set you up to ward off viruses , keep your bones and muscles strong, and even enhance your mental health – our 2021 essentials!

As you read on, consider which category best describes you.

The Motivated Sports Enthusiast

You like the idea of exercising, but rarely set foot in the gym or on that walking path right outside your door. You want to start lifting weights, but you’re scared of hurting yourself. You’d like to lose a few pounds, but don’t know where to begin. You’re a weekend warrior, but a weekday couch potato and Netflix lover. Your body aches, you’re tired much of the time, and you know that if you can just get motivated to get out and start moving it will improve your outlook on life. Who knows, maybe you’d even train for that 5K you’ve been thinking about.

Does this sound familiar? When you schedule your PT visit with me I can help you shift into a new mindset to achieve your fitness goals.

· You’ll get an overall body screen.

· I’ll help you gradually get into a solid exercise routine to experience real progress.

· I’ll teach you specific exercises and give you the tools so you can train and progress on your own or you can meet one-on-one with a trainer here at Core Progression, our elite training gym, where you’ll follow a progressive system so you can achieve a long-term specific goal. (We adhere to the highest COVID 19 safety standards where families of up to 3 can work out together and keep safely distanced throughout the gym.)

· After we meet, I’ll email you your home exercise program exercises complete with example photos and exercise videos.

· I’ll meet with you every 2-4 weeks, or, if you want to get more hands-on accountability, we can meet every other week.

I can help get you from “Couch to 5K” to increase your cardio-vascular fitness and give you the motivation and tools to progress on your own!

The Higher Level Athlete

You’re motivated and have a good program you’re already following.

Maybe you’re even overdoing it and your body is showing some wear and tear:

· Tendinopathy – you’ve got burning pain and reduced flexibility and range of motion in your Achilles or rotator cuff.

· Running discomfort - you may be stuck in an inappropriate biomechanical pattern or you need different shoes.

· Cycling discomfort - you may need a bike fit for pain-free or more efficient riding posture.

Much like Sherlock Holmes, I’ll do an overall body screen to asses and take apart the biomechanics and look for clues to what’s causing your problem.

· I’ll give you specific exercises, modifications, or recommendations for orthotics or braces.

· I can check your running posture and gait on the treadmill and do a pattern assessment.

· The solution may be as simple as getting new shoes or strengthening an antagonistic muscle group for improvement.

Resolve to Get Started Now

Many people fall between the two groups I’ve described. I feel so blessed that I can spend the time it takes to tailor and give you an individual assessment specified exactly for you to get the results you need.

Ideally it’s best to visit your PT every 3-6 months, so make it your New Year’s Resolution to schedule an appointment to get an assessment and a tune-up to set you up for a fantastic 2021.

Call me at 720-320-4212, or email me at to schedule an appointment so we can help you meet your resolution for this year.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong!



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