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Understanding Your Back Pain

If you experience pain in your back, it’s usually along the spine or in the muscles attached to it. You may have an occasional twinge or a one-time injury that heals, or you may experience chronic back pain. Chronic back pain technically lasts for more than twelve weeks and in some cases can be more serious. When your pain is chronic, it may feel better or worse depending on time of day or movement, but the intense pain is consistent and debilitating and interferes with your ability to work and keep up with your daily activities.

Symptoms and causes of

chronic back pain

Do you notice limited and decreased mobility and feel like you just can’t move like you used to? Have simple things like getting up out of a chair, getting in and out of your car, or getting out of bed become painful and hard to do? Often, even lifting grocery bags or grabbing something from your closet shelf can cause pain.

If you were injured in a car accident or while lifting a heavy piece of furniture, this could explain your back pain. But in the majority chronic back pain cases there’s often not a clear cause for back pain that’s developed over time.

Three ways physical therapy can relieve and stop chronic back pain

Pain-killers and surgery aren’t your only options to relive the pain! And you don’t have to just live with it either. Physical therapy is a highly effective and accessible way to alleviate your pain and get you moving again.

· Passive physical therapy

Your physical therapist can employ methods which can help relax your muscles and bring relief. Dry Needling, manual soft tissue mobilization, electrical stimulation, heat/cold therapy, and Kinesio® Taping are some examples.

· Active physical therapy

Your physical therapist will tailor an exercise and movement plan just for you. It will include specific exercises and stretches that will strengthen the muscles that support your back and core. These will help you regain the flexibility and mobility you’ve lost from your chronic back pain.

· Long-term support

To remain consistent in your exercise and movement routine takes a lot of patience, motivation and dedication. And it will take some time to retrain and strengthen your muscles. This is where a great physical therapist comes in: your PT is there to help support, coach and encourage you to keep going until your back pain is a distant memory!

Your body’s deep, hidden fault lines

Repetitive trauma from poor posture, set patterns and habits of movement or even poor sleeping positions that arise from everyday living can pull your body out of whack!

Your physical therapist will address and help you modify or change things in your posture or lifestyle that will help restore your healthy back.

Interestingly, pain decreases our serotonin levels, thus decreasing this “happy hormone” to create pain and often depression.

One of the best ways to bring your body back to life is movement. In fact, exercise helps to increase our endorphins and enkephalins and actually decrease pain and make us feel happier. I always say, motion is lotion, so let’s keep moving!

I’d love to work with you to help alleviate your chronic back and to restore your healthy back. You can call me at 720-320-4212, or email me at to schedule an appointment.

Here’s to your best health!

Dr. Trish PT, DPT

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